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The, O, in Optasia forms the pupil of an eye, representing the alternative method of seeing the resources we offer.
The, T, in Optasia is in the form of the cross, representing our desire to serve Jesus Christ.

Optasia Ministry, Christian Ministry Resources for the Blind


Optasia Ministry is a non-profit organization with the mission:

 To provide Christian ministry resources

for those with visual disabilities and other disabilities

who can benefit from text in alternative format.

Our Vision

To provide resources that will help equip Christians who are blind to serve in Christ's church.


We provide biblical study tools and other Christian ministry resources in a digital form that can be read by blind persons using screen reading computer software, giving persons with visual disabilities access to materials that are not usable for them in print form. A list of available material is included on this web site or is available by contacting us.

The Optasia Bible versions  we provide are designed for easy access by blind persons using screen readers, and work well with Braille notetaker devices.We provide a full set of Biblical Commentaries, pastoral CareResources, Church Leadership books, and books on Prayer and Spirituality, as well as a selection of devotional reading by a variety of authors.

Because we are operating under the Chafee Amendment of the US copyright law we are able to provide copyrighted material free to blind persons who qualify for our services. Those wishing to receive our material will be asked to affirm that they have a visual disability or other disability that necessitates the use of the alternative formatted documents we provide, and must agree not to distribute Optasia Ministry resources to anyone else.


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What is Optasia?

 "Optasia" is the Greek word for "vision, dream", suggesting an alternative form of seeing, through the alternative formats we provide for blind persons.



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